Cumbria is a thriving place for football, with many young people looking to be the next big thing. While many want to be the striker we do have our own professional goalkeeper from Cumbria, born in Whitehaven, Dean Henderson.

He is the number one goalkeeper for Nottingham Forest, a newly promoted premier league side. Dean Henderson is looking to be just the start of new footballers from Cumbria as the FA puts more and more money into grassroot sports. Nearly 50% of young people have played football at some point in their life for a team. 50! That is everyone, 1 in 2 children.

This surely means sooner or later more rising stars will emerge from Cumbria and represent our county in the best league in the world. Dean Henderson setting the example as an excellent goalkeeper after coming out from Cumbria he inspires many to do football professionally, especially with a pay like his of over 5 million pounds every year!

Could our generation be the footballing stars from Cumbria?