Are you a Workington Reds follower and, if so, how well do you know your club?

Former colleague Pamela McGowan is a football fanatic who supports Manchester United. That is a shame, really, because her partner, Mark. supports Liverpool and their elder child Aaron brings harmony to the household by being a Real Madrid fan.

Anyway, the point is, Pamela recently visited the Football Museum in Manchester and found a quite comprehensive display about Workington Reds.

However, the exhibition was also asking for help to verify some information.

Can you help with the name of the player who scored the most goals for the club?

Here, using the information that is available, is your quiz: Why was Workington AFC founded and when and against whom was its first match?

Who made the most appearances for the club?

What was the club’s record win and record loss?

One of the facts is just a little bit obvious - what is the Red’s colour? I am not a football fan but is it possible that the answer to that one is in the name?

From the photos shown here, it would appear that a match against FC United from Manchester.

As someone who sometimes has to be reminded of the difference between Reds and Town, I did check and discovered that FC United is not the same as Manchester United!

Anyway, that game drew 1,600 people and seemed to be the match where out photographers spent a lot more time taking pictures of the crowd.

The one of the excited boys hanging over a fence is gorgeous- and if you were at that match check out the photos.You may well find yourself there!

There is a photo of the Workington Red’s U9 team. There was not enough caption space to put their names in, but just in case some have gone on to be full-times players, here they are: Back row left to right, Coach Steve Carini, Aiden Strickland, Charlie Furness, Josh Smith, Owen Johnston, Reece Donald, Coach Craig Johnson. Front, Logan Shepherd, Finley Hynes, Caiden Christiansen, Cade Bayles and Ben Carini.