A NEW interim chairman has been appointed at Workington town, and he believes the club can 'achieve anything it want's' as they prepare to start the new season this weekend.

Graeme Peers has been appointed interim chairman at Workington Town RLFC, after years of tireless commitment to the club and it's supporters.

As the longest serving member of the board, Graeme was appointed to the board during the chairmanship of Les Smallwood and has worked in the commercial side of the club for a number of years.

Graeme has worked tirelessly over the last few years to bring in many sponsorship and revenue deals for the club, as well a building vital partnerships with sporting clubs and community groups across West Cumbria

Talking about his new role, he said: "I'm very passionate about seeing the club and area progress. I feel very strongly about our area having facilities and opportunities for all demographics to take part in sport and leisure.

"By fate or a bigger plan, I now find myself in a position to impact that even more and the platform of the club is a great one to ensure the here and now, and the future generations to come have sporting and leisure facilities that are fit for purpose, when we have that we can produce sporting professionals because of the pathways and systems, not in spite of them."

"I look forward to a really positive period for the club, I can guarantee to the supporters and partners that I'll work as hard as ever to achieve progress. 

"We can achieve anything we want to and have a good time achieving it, we often have a full pre match experience to enjoy and music."

The next game is on Sunday, March 17 against Oldham RLFC at the Fibrus Community Stadium, and will kick off the clubs League One season for this year.