MEET West Cumbria’s children’s yoga instructor who looks to instil a message of self-nurturing from an early age.

Tamzin McCartney, from Whitehaven, has been teaching yoga for the past five years but has really found a home for her Buddhi yoga practice in primary schools all throughout West Cumbria, including; St Bees, St James, Jericho Primary and soon to be St Michael's in Workington.

"I wasn’t very competitive at sports when I was kid in school, a bit of a dreamer and a dancer, and I could have really done with something like this.

"I think this is what led me on to it, to think there’s something that I can give something to children that I needed,” she said.

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Tamzin, who finds the time in between raising her own little one, said the kids really do love the class, making it all the more special when they gain something from it.

Times and Star: PEACE: Found at Tamzin's classes along with a lot of fun. PEACE: Found at Tamzin's classes along with a lot of fun.

 "You see these kids find this little pocket of peace, which is inside everyone.

"And when the kids get that chance of a moment to breathe, they always want more," she said.

The yoga instructor, who is also a birth doula and Shakti dance instructor, said it’s "very rare" that you don’t see a kid gain something from the class.

"For some children, not all is well at home and with their mental health, so when you give them trust and show them how to self-regulate and give them a bit of mind body and awareness, it just gives them that bit of extra confidence.

"We definitely bounce off each other as well, and they inspire me.

"Some of the schools don’t have the budget to buy yoga mats, and we’re working within classrooms with limited space which can also be quite hot as we get close to summer – so the plan is to fundraise and get donations of mats to schools who could benefit," she said.

In line with this goal, for National World Yoga Day on June 23, Tamzin is orchestrating a fundraising Yoga Mala event at Jericho school, getting the kids involved in an event catering to stamina and strength.  

The event hopes to raise awareness into the importance of selfcare and wellbeing that can be derived from the meditative practice, whilst also raising funds for Papyrus – a charity which looks to prevent youth suicide.

A move which Tamzin looks to continue within the future to try and get other schools their own yoga mats. 

Times and Star: Contact Tamzin for more information. Contact Tamzin for more information.

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