A cheerleading club has had their dream come true recently has they have suceeded in a competition giving them the opportunity to go to America. 

Cheer Force Knights Maryport have secured a place in a top cheerleading competition over in the states. 

The Lady Supremacy team are set to head to Florida next year to compete and each girl is ecstatic to say the least. 

We spoke to the club's Director Olivia Scholey to find out more. 

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She said: "We entered our certain division on Sunday, May 22 and were the highest scorers of the whole competition putting us into first place and were given the Grand Champion Award.

"This meant that we were awarded a bid to compete at a prestigious event called the summit in Florida."

Times and Star: CHEERLEADING: Excitement grows as they head to Miami CHEERLEADING: Excitement grows as they head to Miami

Olivia explained that all of the kids are very excited to be given such an opportunity but at the same time they are still quite nervous. 

This is because they will be competing with major American teams whilst in Florida. 

She said: "I am still confident that they'll all do really well, it is such an amazing achievement in itself to get this far. Whatever happens when we are there will only add on to everything that we've achieved so far."

There are fourteen girls on the team with ages ranging from ten years old to 17 years old. 

The girls are set to go over to America in April 2023 and will have 11 months to practice for this major occassion. 

Cheer Force Nights has children from all across west Cumbria attending their club. With some girls being from Whitehaven, Keswick and Frizington. 

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They have said that they are going to undertake a lot of fundraising events to ensure that they are all able to make the trip. 

Some of the ideas so far include sponsored walks, bingo nights and music events. 

Tof find out more about Cheer Force Knights please visit: https://www.facebook.com/CFK.MARYPORT/