This month a live music event will be held at The Carnegie Theatre in Workington. 

Organised by local music promoters, Rock With, the event will showcase the talents of two local artists Peter Wilson and Emma Hunt. 

The concert will be held on Thursday, March 16, with doors opening at 7pm and music starting at 7:30pm. 

It is the first time that the event has been held but the organisers are hoping to have it running on a monthly basis. 

Michael Nutter, of the Carnegie Theatre, said: "Monroe's Bar was always the place we used for live music, so we had the idea to offer live music concerts in a theatre setting. 

"We've now changed our thinking and have utilised the space to develop a place for local talent and get more live music playing. 

"We're working with the manager of Carlisle and Workington HMV, and he is well connected in the local music scene."

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Russ Withey, of Rock With, added: "I've been promoting live music for a long time now and we're working with the Carnegie Theatre to put on a local music night. 

"We've got one coming up on Thursday, March 16 with Emma Hunt and Peter Wilson performing but we're looking to do it once a month. 

"We have local acts in the area that apply and we promote their music. I have quite a good relationship with Carnegie Theatre, and they seem quite keen to get involved on the scene. 

"Michael Nutter will be putting on additional events and supporting music, he got in touch with me, and we had a chat so we put on a music night at the end of last year so we've been wanting to do it again."

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Russ explained that they are keen for any local acts in the area to get involved and to get in touch if they are interested in future gigs with Rock With and The Carnegie.