Strictly Come Dancing fans are outraged after a 'leak' has revealed a surprise celebrity in the dance-off tonight. 

Last night's show treated viewers to all the glitz and glamour we have come to expect from Strictly but it also brought some ballroom drama too. 

Sunday night's Results show is recorded after Saturday's live show straight after the voting has closed.

However, it appears that the results of which two couples faced the dreaded dance-off have been leaked ahead of the episode airing. 

Times and Star: BBC/PABBC/PA (Image: PA/ BBC)

Strictly spoiler 'leaks' week four result ahead of Results show

Newsquest will not reveal the details of which two celebrities found themselves in the bottom two since these results have not been verified and so as not to spoil the programme.

Understandably, some fans couldn't stand the wait and have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the result. 

One viewer raged: "Why do people have to post spoilers about who went out in the strictly? Ffs! It spoils it for people who want to watch the results show live :( No point now that I know who was in the dance off and who went out!"

A second person added:"GUTTED".

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A third posted:" The #StrictlySpoiler, think the right decision was made but the decisions will get tougher in the next few weeks!"

While another fan chimed in:" "Actually gasped at one of the bottom two!"

With one viewer adding: Omg the strictly spoilers, so shocked."

Meanwhile, another person commented:" Just seen the Strictly spoiler from this week. Really disappointed with who went home as I feel that person was improving and had more to give."

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday, a Strictly Come Dancing source told: "For years, the audience didn’t twig the Sunday show was pre-recorded, but recently results have been leaked, spoiling the suspense.

"Those running the show want to find out who is leaking and fast. What’s really baffling them is that it must be the same person."

The live studio audience, which is made of family, friends as well as contestants and the public, have their phones removed during filming 

The social media spoilers are putting pressure on the BBC dance contest to film the programme's separately each night to prevent further leaks.

The shows used were filmed separately until 2008 because the late Bruce Forsyth struggled to host two nights in a row.

Strictly Come Dancing: Results Show will air on Sunday, October 16 at 7. 15 pm.