NESTLED in the heart of Keswick lies the perfect spot to uncover those sought after beloved antiques and collectors' items. 

Much like the items it sells, Vintage at Maysons, situated on Lake Road, is a hidden gem of a place; it sits at the back of the Maysons store in its downstairs area. 

The store offers an abundance of retro items including everything from vintage antiques, collectibles, jewellery, scarves, handbags, vintage cycling tops, football shirts, and their best-sellers: vintage football programmes from over the years. 

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Owners Karin and Vic Gibson, who hail from Merseyside, have run the business for the past seven years, after they both moved to Cumbria over 25 years ago.

Times and Star: Some of the many beloved and featured items. Some of the many beloved and featured items.

They both took the jump of taking over the business after Karin was working within the store for a couple of years prior. 

For the couple however, it's not a business centred on profiteering but one of enjoyment.

"We've both had our careers, so it's just really good fun sourcing the stuff, we just love coming into work as we know it's good fun and we look forward to seeing visitors every day.

"We've had a lot of interesting stuff in here over the years but we're not in it for the money, just to enjoy what we do," Karin said. 

Whilst many businesses have suffered over the past few years, Karin said both a healthy band of regulars and constant stream of visiting tourists, many of whom continue to return, has meant the business hasn't "struggled at all really". 

Times and Star: Beloved items available. Beloved items available.

"When lockdown first lifted, people were just so happy to come in and have a chat - everyone was just so happy to get back to normality and look around the shop. 

"We've really got a lot of lovely bunch of customers that have helped support us right through. 

"The thought of retiring horrifies Vic and I, so we're not going to do that, and keep carrying on until we drop - hopefully at some concert - but no, when it stops being fun, we'll leave but we're away from that at the moment," she said. 

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